mating acorn weevils
HI BUGMAN!! I love your site!! It’s helped me identify lots of insects and has only helped my already huge interest in bugs. I have been having a problem with acorn weevils on my pin oak tree in Columbia MO… so they pose a threat to the tree? attached is a picture of two of them mating. THANKS!!
Andrew M.

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for sending a new species to us. The Acorn Weevil, Curculio glandium, can be quickly distinguished by the elongated snout or rostrum. We have located information that the Acorn Weevil does not pose a threat to the oak tree itself as both adults and larvae feed on the acorns. We apologize for not having the ability to respond to every letter you have written to us, and if there is anything that is either new to our site or a pressing matter for you, please resend those letters and images.

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