Can’t identify on your site. or internet
Your site is one of my favorites!!! I scan it weekly. I send several hours learning about the amazing creatures that share this world with us. I do have a bug I have been unable to identify. I have looked on your site, Bugguide and tried every combination I could think of on the internet to identify these little beauties. I live in Navasota, TX and this summer was the first time I have ever seen these guys. Keep up the awesome work!!! Is there anything (besides trying to research on our own first), that we, the grateful readers of this amazing site, can do to help…donations…resources…etc??

Hi Robin,
We believe these are Wasp Mimicing Robber Flies. They resemble an insect in the genu Ceraturgus on BugGuide, but the match is not exact. By the looks of things, you should be seeing more next year. Thank you for your kind thoughts, but at the moment, we are not set up for contributions. We are still selling our calendars through the gift shop and clicking on some of our ads does help pay the high cost of web hosting. WE are going to try to get Eric Eaton to weigh in on the identification. Eric quickly provided the exact species: “Right family at least:-) These are indeed robber flies, in the genus Laphria. The species is Laphria saffrana, or something like that. That species is also featured on bugguide. Keep up the great work! Eric”

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  1. Silas says:

    I believe they are robber flies of the species Laphria saffrana.

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