Beetles in my house! (Tenebrio) and a bug-love photo
I stumbled across your site while googling “beetles in my house”…thank you in advance for your help, and for your wonderful site! I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and discovered a bunch of nasty little beetle larvae in a large bag of dog food about ten days ago. I immediately got rid of the dog food and thoroughly cleaned the can in which it was stored, but I’ve had random beetles popping up throughout the house since. I’ve checked the flour, which is fine, but haven’t gone through the whole kitchen yet. Any clue as to where they’re coming from, whether or not I should be worried, and what to do about them? I’m attaching a photo just taken of one of the little beasties in my bathroom. Think they might be Tenebrio spp., but I don’t know anything about them, really. Also noticed that you have a page dedicated to bug love, and am thus attaching some blues that I photographed over the summer in Connecticut. Thanks again!
lisa schauer

Hi Lisa,
The beetle photo you sent us is not a Mealworm or Tenebrid Beetle, but a Carabid or Ground Beetle. They are beneficial hunters. Next time you suspect a Tenebrid invasion, check to see if Junior dropped some Chips Ahoy cookies between the cushions of the couch. Your mating Tailed Blues are gorgeous.

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