corn beetles
I work for Northern Illinois University Residential Facilities and we have had serveral of students in the Residence Halls complaining of cockroaches. We found the bug which is not a cockroach but a corn beetle, according to our exterminator. What could you tell us about this bug? I know you are a busy bug group, but a quick response would be much appreciated. We are having a panic here, with many residents fearing cockroaches.
Tracey Ward
Northern Illinois University
Housing and Dining
DeKalb, IL

Hi Tracey,
Congratulations. You have successfully exterminated a harmless Ground Beetle in the Family Carabidae. These predators hunt many serious pests and reducing their numbers will help the other harmful creatures proliferate. Additionally, your extermination attempts have now exposed the students to some potentially harmful chemicals which will enable them to sign up for cancer and disease studies in the future.

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