good morning from Georgia! I have a moth photos/questions please…
I love your site! Its so interesting, informative, and well-organized! Definitely going to be a ‘recommend’ on my web-page design classes’ best sites list! (you can get awards and recognition for having a well organized, user friendly website). I digress I have attached a picture of what I believe may be a really large Rustic Sphinx Metamorphosis. Other folks have emailed you pictures of this moth but from those (and mine); I noticed that they seem to have an odd affinity for ‘brick’ surfaces during the day. Our office has plenty of wooded area for this moth to have been in but he/she was right by our side door all day long. Hope you don’t mind the perspective shot with the quarter so you can see the moth’s size. By the way, is it true that the large green and rust colored Luna moth’s don’t have mouths? That they just live a short time to mate and die? I have several shots of them at gas stations here in Georgia. If you’d like any of them let me know…if not I’m more than happy with an answer to any of my questions. Thank you! Again, you have a wonderful website!!

Hi Kate,
Thank you for the compliments. We got another Rustic Sphinx photo yesterday, so we have decided to post your image in case there are other people out there who need an identification. We are not sure about the Rustic Sphinx’s affinity to brick walls, though we image their coloration is an example of evolution and camouflage since the pattern resembles tree bark. You are correct. Luna Moths, along with other Giant Silkmoths or Saturnid Moths, do not feed as adults.

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