What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Thank you
Hello, I have a spider and am so delighted – a teensy Jumping one. I am enjoying him/her even more having discovered your site. I live in NYC (an art person – your "About WTB" photo is fabulous) and your site allows me to live vicariously elsewhere, through people’s insect stories, in places that are not so perversely devoid of nature (roaches, house centipedes and real-estate investors don’t do it for me). I grew up in Oregon, living with/learning about/deeply respecting all forms of nature, including insects, except mosquitos (my father is an acarologist – GW Krantz). So I look at your site every day and it brings me such unadulterated joy (including, needless to say, endless bursts of laughter). One more thing. Tears come to my eyes when I read about people who have come to their senses about their senseless slaughter of harmless/indeed beneficial critters. You are doing a great thing, and through such a beautifully ordinary mode of exchange (I use the word "ordinary" with the utmost respect – just casually talking to people about stuff that is actually important – no hype, no in-your-face, no bs, no Hollywood – wow, a jaded NY’er speaks). Anyway, thank you sincerely from the core of my soul. Evidently-in-parenthetical-remark-mode,
Ps. After finishing this note I found my little spider in the toilet. Happily he/she is fine.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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