Hubbard's Silkmoth Caterpillar

Unknown Beautiful Caterpillar Dear WTB, My 2-year old daughter discovered this caterpillar amongst “Primrose” jasmine and “Barbara Karst” bougainvillea here in Tucson, Arizona on Sep. 30, 2006. After being “captured”, it was offered jasmine and appeared uninterested. However, it seems to enjoy eating the bougainvillea. The color seems a little off in this photo. Its … Read more

Slovakian Blister Beetle

I live in Slovakia and i have never seen something like this bug.. it was about 5 centimeters long. What do you think about it? Roman Hi Roman, Your Blister Beetle looks nearly identical to new world species in the genus Meloe, commonly called Oil Beetles.

Stink Bugs at Sea

Hi There Hi There, I work on an oil rig in the middle of the north see half way between the Orkney islands and Norway. 150 miles north east of Aberdeen. We had what can only be descried as a shower of flying beetles here. 1000’s falling from the sky and settling on the deck … Read more

Saturnid Moth from Argentina

Rothschildia jacobaeae Hi My name is Vanesa I live in Buenos Aires. I found 2 days ago what I’ve been told is a Rothschildia jacobaeae female, I thought it was a common buttefly dying. It didn’t move. I took it to my appartment and put it in my balcony, the next day I found there … Read more

Male Imperial Moth

Do you know what moth this is I live on the north shore of lake huron and I found this moth. I cant seem to identify this moth can you help me out. Thanks Debbie Hi Debbie, This is a male Imperial Moth. The female has more yellow on her wings.