From the monthly archives: "August 2006"

Unknown Bug
many thanks for your great website and service. Can you help us to identify this bug? Please see the attached pic. We live in Western Austria.Thank you very much
Hartmut Haefele

Hi Hartmut,
We get many letters from people who want to know what the “T Bug” is. It is a species of Plume Moth in the family Pterophoridae.

We found this moth outside our california home I can’t find it on your sight. I am so curious.

Hi Tiffany,
We believe these are Great Ash Sphinxes, Sphinx chersis. Bill Oehlke has an excellent page devoted to this moth.

moth sex?
Thought you might enjoy these pictures of a pair of luna moths that spent Saturday afternoon snogging on our house. Weirdly, I had just been looking at the many beautiful luna moth pictures on your site last week, and wishing I could see one in person. Someone must have been listening. Great site btw.

After all these years running this website, we are thrilled to finally have photos of North America’s lovliest insects mating.

WTF is this bug?
Hi, I’m from Denver, Colorado, and we dont get a lot of crazy insects on account of the dry-weather and cold and whatnot, but for some reason, I was out working in my backyard yesterday and I found this bizarre looking thing that I’d never seen before in my many years in the Rocky Mountains…and have NO idea what it is! Any ideas? (I have huge huge high-res photos if you’d like them for additional detail) Thanks a bunch!

Hi Chris,
We are sensing real domain potential with the “WTF is that Bug?” website. This is one of the Giant Ichneumons, probably Megarhyssa macrurus. The female deposits eggs with that stingerlike ovipositor and the young prey on wood boring insects.

What is it
Hi, I am resending this as you requested, but I did look further into your web sight (which is great) and I think I found it. I think it is a painted grasshopper? Am I correct? Grasshopper found in Young, Arizona 7/29/06. Thank You,

Hi Laura,
You are correct. This is a Painted Grasshopper, and it is a beautiful photo.