Oh no, not more Wheels!
Sorry, I know you guys have tons and tons of Wheel Bug pictures, but I thought I’d send these just in case you liked ’em. And who can resist insect pornography, really? I took these photos in Allentown, Pennsylvania at the Pool Wildlife Sanctuary. The female looked like she was snacking on a Monarch Caterpillar when we found them, but they moved away from it before I could get it in the shot. It would make sense since they were on a milkweed plant, but aren’t those caterpillars poisonous?

Hi Clarissa,
We have to wonder what the Meese Commission would have to say about your photo. We are thrilled to post it and push the censorship envelope. Regarding Monarch Caterpillar, Milkweed does contain toxins and there are insects that can tolerate them, feeding on the plants. Certain predators have also built up a tolerance to the toxins. Also, some literature claims the milkweed merely renders the vegetarian who feast on it “distasteful”.

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