Here’s an odd one
I found this critter on a stucco wall in the vicinity of Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, Arizona. I am quite sure it’s an insect, as the very long appendages appear on close inspection to be antennae. The size of the body is about 3⁄4” long. The antennae are about 3 inches long! The body is very flat, and the shape of the head is just bizarre. In my 56 years living in the Phoenix area I have never seen anything remotely like this creature. Thank you,
Rook Younger
Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Rook
This is not an insect, but an Arachnid. It is a harmless Tailless Whipscorpion. They are not uncommon in humid tropics (though they are also found in arid Arizona), but as they are shy nocturnal hunters, they often go unnoticed.

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