hickory horned devils
Hi, Daniel and Lisa Anne,
Today at ~ 6:30 PM I took some pictures of the hickory horned devils (HHDs), three days after the last ones. I acquired a number of images, and am sending ten of them**. In a few of these pictures, a katydid (or so it appears) decided to have a chat with the hickory horned devils, but who knows what they said to each other. In one picture, I framed all three at once. They are still 4.5 ” long, and it surprises me that none of the three have been eaten by anything. Here they are: … Is it usual to see this many survive to adulthood from one batch of eggs? All I can say in defense of me sending y’all this many pictures is that you challenged me to do better! It would be interesting to me to see which ones you like, and don’t like. I enjoy nature photography and want to do it better. Best Regards,

Hi Again Glenn,
We went for a classic pose that is, in our minds, a definitive Hickory Horned Devil, Citheronia regalis, image. We are pleased to use your excellent photograph as the Bug of the Month for September, the month we get the most letters requesting the identification of this impressive caterpillar.

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