more on 8/14/2006
Dear Bugman,
Saturday afternoon, 8/19/2006, I was on the summit of the "South Sister," 10,400, maybe 80 miles south of Timothy Lake, OR. There we saw thousands of Nymphalis califonica flying up the cone and along the rim of the volcanic summit. Perhaps those seen by Jennifer and her son on 8/14/2006? ;o) Attached is a picture taken at the summit. It was awesome to witness!
Martha Perkins

Hi Martha,
Thank you for sending in your photos of this spectacular swarming of the California Tortoiseshell Butterflies.

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  1. S Mac says:

    We saw this same swarm on July 27, 2017 as we descended from the summit of South Sister, around 11am. The butterflies were with us almost the entire hike out. We also saw them along the highway driving back to Bend. Alas, many got caught in the grill of our car.

    Here is a video we made along the way:

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