Golden Backed Snipe Flies
These were so pretty. I took their pictures in June 2005. Their abdomens were black and white striped, with a golden velvet on their thorax. I believe they are Golden Backed Snipe Flies. I apologize for the poor image quality. I sent an email to the Purdue Entomology department last summer, but no one ever responded, so I’ve been wondering ever since then. My husband found your great web site because we were trying to identify a new bug to us… the huge robber fly. I wish I had pictures of them. I know you say it’s only 3-4 cm, but I swear those things are bigger than that! At any rate, while on your site, I thought what a great place to figure out my Black and Yellow flies as I was calling them. I guess I wasn’t that far off in my made up nomenclature! Thanks for a great site! It’s awesome!
Amy Jost
Cincinnati, OH

Hi Amy,
These are Golden Backed Snipe Flies, and even though the image is a bit blurry, we are happy to have the mating couple for our Bug Love page.

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