Thank you for your wonderful and informative site. I have to say upfront, I’m not a bug lover, but I find myself fascinated by your site because I can at least identify the small creatures that freak me out! Anyway, I digress… we live in Maryland, directly on the Chesapeake Bay. At the shore front we have a large stone rip-rap that protects the shoreline from erosion. Every morning and late afternoon, these large rocks and the adjacent pier, are covered in bugs. They are so fast and scatter when we approach! There are hundreds of them and they will swarm on the rocks and are not dislodged by the breaking waves. My children think they look like ‘Plankton’ from Spongebob, although they are different in color! Anyway, here are some pics! Thank you again for all the information you provide.
GKS – bugged in Maryland!

Dear Bugged,
These are Marine Isopods, a type of Crustacean. They are closely related to Sow Bugs or Rollie Pollies that are found in damp spots in terrestrial gardens.

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