I was wondering if you could help me ID this little butterfly that was hanging around our firepit area. Sorry I couldn’t get any closer, but he would fly away every time I tried. I also got a photo of two swamp milkweed leaf beetles mating that I thought I’d send. We live near Ottawa, Ontario. Thanks so much for such an amazing, informative site.
Hammond, ON

Hi Sharon,
This is a Crescent Butterfly in the genus Phyciodes. It looks like a Northern Crescent, Phyciodes selenis. In the book “Butterflies Through Binoculars: The West”, Jeffrey Glassberg writes: “Northern and Pearl Crescents seem to behave as separate species in some areas and as subspecies in others. This complex coes not comfortably fit within the neat boxes we like to construct. If you consider all individuals as Pearl Crescents, you’ll not only make your identifications easier, you’ll probably be closer to the biological reality.”

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