weird orange legged fly
I have noticed these all over Alberta Canada. I have no idea what kind of two winged fly it is. any ideas?
Dave Sward

Hi Dave,
We haven’t had any luck identifying this creature. We hope Eric Eaton has the answer. Eric’s response: “The unidentified fly appears to be a syrphid, family Syrphidae. The classification I have not kept up with, but it reminds me of the genus Xylota. I’ll see if I can’t get more specific later on.” Later Eric added this: “It is either a species of Xylota, or Chalcosyrphus (which was split from Xylota some time ago).”

Update: May 22, 2011
Might this be
Chalcosyrphus curvaria based on this BugGuide imagery?

Location: Canada

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