3 butterflies
Some more for your fine web page, One a Mourning Cloak Butterfly. I stalked up on it and got close to 4 inches for this picture!! It didnt fly off untell I bumped the grass with my foot. It must of been the heat, 109 degrees, it just couldn’t do anything but sit there. The orange one I think is called a Hoary Comma, Im not sure though. It is not on your webpage so enjoy the new picture 🙂 I took this one on a hike in the mountians one earlly spring about 4 years ago. The blue one is a Gossamer Winged butterfly I believe. again Im not sure on that. It was rather hard to photograph this little guy. It kept flying off and landing on my camera haha! Then it would land back on the same flower. But finally I got the picture.
oh btw I got your webpage linked up on my links section and also I got you linked in my Black hills gallery with the Achemon Caterpiller you ID’ed for me.

Mourning Cloak Anglewing Butterfly

Hi Mike,
Thanks for sending in your butterfly photos. We are not sure if this is a Hoary Comma, Polygonia gracilis, but we can tell you it is the correct genus Polygonia, the Anglewing Butterflies. We are not sure what species of Lycean Blue you have here. They are very difficult to sort as to species.

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