Monkey Slug Caterpillar?
Greetings Lisa Anne and Daniel,
I just this evening found your website – it’s fantastic and I love it! A couple of years ago, we found a part of one of these caterpillars on my husband’s car windshield and thought we had entered the Twilight Zone! We live in New Hampshire (the Mount Washington Valley) and recently found several in a small maple tree. From research I have been able to do, I think they are of the family Limacodidae and a relative of Phobetron hipparchia – maybe Phobetron pithecium? Although I handled them before I knew anything about them (not always a wise move and fortunately I suffered no ill effects), you can see in the second picture that they have stinging spines. They certainly are beautiful! long — and in this particular photo, she is very near to being lifesize. Do you
know who she is exactly? Thanks for enjoying them with me.
Judi Paul

Hi Judi,
Due to time constraints, we are editing your letter and only posting the image of the Monkey Slug Caterpillar, a stunning image.

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