Butterfly identification
Ok Bugman – here’s a tough one for you. I’ve just about given up on figuring this one out… This beautiful creature was taken deep in the jungles of Bolivia during a 3-day trek back in December 2004. I thought it might be a clearwing butterfly, but all images show a much different wing & body shape. Help me Bugman, you’re my only hope!

Hi Kolby,
We tried a google search of South American Butterflies and ended up in the Ebay section. We found a near perfect match called a Red Spot Long Tail Glass Wing, but no scientific name. We present your living specimen side by side with the mounted Ebay item, and perhaps one of our readers can give us something more exact.

Hey bugman!
Thank you! You have lead me to an answer, but feel free to say you found it using your own research. On that ebay item that you pointed out, they wrote “Chorinea Species, Brazil.” A quick google search found an exact match: Chorinea sylphina, or the Bee Butterfly! ~Kahunna

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  1. Samantha says:

    Several years late here, but it’s a Sylphina Angel Butterfly if you’re still wondering ?

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