Spearhead Gumleaf Katydid
Living in The Great Smoky Mountains, I never know what will happen next. I had just put out some birdseed when the Katydid flew in over my right shoulder and started dining. Its head bobbed up and down as it chowed down! The very next morning, as the sun was just about to make an appearance, I saw something stuck in the hummingbird feeder. Yes, a Katydid, and it was so “into” the sugar water that I was able to get as close as I pleased without even being noticed. The following day, on my way down the front steps, I found the orb weaving spider dining on a Katydid! Was it the same reckless one, or three different ones? Rhetorical question… Thanx again for listening,
R.G. Marion

Hi again R.G.
This looks like an Angular Winged Katydid to us.  The spider is an Orbweaver.

Update: (07/03/2008) Katydid IDs from Piotr Naskrecki
I have been looking at the page with unidentified katydids (Katydids 2), and thought I could help with some ID’s. From top to bottom they are: Microcentrum sp.

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Location: Tennessee

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