Hi Guys,
Hope this note finds you both well. Here’s some edible-bug-page text. I went ahead and sent in what I had before, plus one new one. We moved over the month of June, so I’ve been out of communication.
Here’s the Text: White-Lined Sphinx: Hyles lineata
You’ve gotten various pictures of this caterpillar; I’ve listed them here. You might want to take the most recent one. A more radical idea would be to show them all – good contrast to show the variability of the markings? ‘Course that might well be a lot of work. Just a thought. This caterpillar was (and might still be, for all I know) a very popular food item throughout most of its range, particularly in the Western U.S. and Mexico. To the Pima of southern Arizona it’s makum. To the Maricopa along the Gila River it’s ame. The Seri of northwestern Mexico call/ed it hehe icam, which means "plant’s live thing." This information (and the narrative for Rhynchophorus on this page) comes from DeFoliart’s impressive text, which can be found at www.food-insects.com .
I had a chance to eat this caterpillar in New Mexico in June 2005, but I was on sacred ground at the time so that would have been a no-no
David Gracer

Hi David,
Thank you for clueing us in to the edibility of this highly variable caterpillar.

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