Cicada Killer Posing
Hey, just wanted to send these images along. I heard a cicada chirp, saw something fall from a tree and there she was. I actually watched close up as she stung the helpless dog-day cicada to make sure it was not moving anymore. I then watched as she dragged her prey throught the grass and proceeded 20 feet up a maple tree before I lost sight of her. She used her wings along with her legs to make it up. It reminded me of watching a leopard dragging an antelope up a tree. One question though, since these wasps live under ground, what do you think she was doing up a tree? I was thinking to get some height to glide to her burrow or get her bearings. Not sure. Love the site.
Alex C.
Rockville, Marlyand

Hi Alex,
You are correct. The Cicada is so heavy, the wasp would not be able to take off. She climbs the tree and than glides/flies toward her burrow. Thanks for the totally awesome image.

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