American Copper Underwing?
Greetings from the “other” coast!
Hi Bug Man! We loooooove your site! Can you help with this one? My cat found this fellow in our yard today and my wife thinks it might be an American Copper Underwing caterpillar. We have scanned through all the pages in your web site but couldn’t find this one. Our reference books don’t have very many caterpillar pictures so we’re not sure what it could be. I know you’re swamped with inquiries right now so we’ll understand if it takes a while before we see a response. Keep up the amazing job with the web site! Cheers! Greg and Lori Ferens
Ingonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi Greg and Lori,
We found images of the Copper Underwing Caterpillar, Amphipyra pyramidoides, on BugGuide, and that is not your species. For now, this will remain a mystery caterpillar on our site and hopefully someone will recognize it.

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  1. Looks very similar to the hummingbird hawkmoth caterpillar.

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