Red Spotted Purple

blue-copper butterfly? Can you tell me what species this is? THANKS! Greg Hi Greg, They say color is the most subjective element in art, and it is amusing that you describe this as a blue-copper butterfly. The actual common name is composed of two other colors, Red Spotted Purple. The species is Limenitis arthemis.

Locust Borer

NW Indiana Sugar Maple Borer? From NW Indiana again, and saw this guy doing a backstroke in the pool. As I usually try to give everyone a fair shake, I rescued him and got a few quick pics before he headed off. Now I review the site and it looks like this guy may be … Read more

Tree Stink Bug

Help Identifying a bug Hi, I found your site while my 4 year old daughter and I tried to identify an insect we found on our screen door in Sacramento California. I’m confidient you’ll be able to help us figure out what it is. I’m hoping to keep her interested in insects so she won’t … Read more

Hickory Horned Devil: Early Instar

Are you still identifying bugs? Hello, I’m not sure if you’re still identifying bugs or not, but there is a spectacular looking caterpillar that arrived on my balcony a few days ago, and I’d like to know more about it. If it helps in the identification, I live just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Normally my cat … Read more