From the monthly archives: "July 2006"

What’s this Moth?
This is the largest moth I’ve ever seen. It’s 2.5 inches wing-tip to wing-tip and 2 inches in body length. I found it on my house on 7-2-06 in Olympia, WA and was wondering what it is. Any information would be appreciated.

Hi Steve,
This is the One Eyed Sphinx or Cerisy’s Sphinx, Smerinthus cerisyi. You can find information on Bill Oehlke’s excellent website.

Hercules Beetle?
We think this is a Hercules Beetle we found on our front porch on 6/25/06, hanging on to a peice of wood that was used as a shelf. Saw the other pictures on the site, thought you’d enjoy the clarity in these. We are in Mineral, VA. Put the critter and the shelf back where we found him, and a few days later he was gone.
L. Owen

Hi L. Owen,
Thanks so much for sending in your beautiful photo. We haven’t gotten any images of Hercules Beetles since last summer.

What’s this??
I live in east Tennessee, near southwest Virginia and western North Carolina. This bug has a hard shell, LARGE pinschers, and it’s feet seem to have hooks to hold on tight to most any surface. It is about 1 1/2 inches long… What is it??

Hi Lisa,
What an impressive photo of a male Elephant Stag Beetle, Lucanus elephus. We are sure it will give some of our readers nightmares even though it is harmless.