I can’t ID this on your site
Hope you can help, I found this 3 mm little guy in a office building in Spokane WA. It was no where near a exit, but very much inside the building. It seems to be covered in some kind of lint, but I can say for sure looking in the magnifying glass that it is not lint. It is also very white. He/She is facing the camera, and it’s longer legs are its hind legs. Any ideas? Thank you for any help.
Mark D.

Hi Mark,
With the population of Bed Bugs reacing epidemic proportions, as witnessed by the numerous google ads on our site, you should be happy your office is being patrolled by a Masked Bed Bug Hunter. This little predator is sticky and gets covered with lint, hence it is masked. We have numerous awesome photos of these guys on our Assassin Bugs pages. You might want to think twice before napping on that office Murphy Bed if there are Bed Bugs about.

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