I love your site and the Hickory Horned Devil
Dear Bugman…
A fellow insect enthusist friend of mine sent me your site and I just love it! I photograph critters in my yard all the time. Some furry, some scaled, most are insects. Most of the time I can figure out what they are. Sometime I can’t. Now I know where to check! I am in love with the giant silkmoths of the night. Some years back I came across a Hickory Horned Devil for the first time, who had quite an adventure with me. I made a webpage about my HHD and thought you’d really like to see it. I’d love for you to share it with your readers to learn more about the HHD and the Royal Walnut/Regal Moth.
I get messages every year around late Summer/early Fall from all over the country from people that found one. I’m especially excited when children email me to thank me for my webpage’s info on the HHD. I’ve had many children use my page for reports in class. I think it is very important to edcate the importance of insects at a young age. Too often, innocent creatures are killed because of ingnorance. Which leads me to my appreciation for your “Unnecessary Carnage” section. Thank you for infoming people that killing insects is completely unnecessary much of the time. I frequently will grab a roach or even a wasp from indoors with my bare hands and put it outside. Oh, I’ll be sending you photos for your “Bug Love” section at some point too. Thanks again for what you do…
Jana Miller – The Nature Coast, Florida

Hi Jana,
Thank you for your sweet letter. We will post a link to your site. We have gotten so many photos of Royal Walnut Moths this summer, including a mating pair, so we expect it to also be a very good year for siting the Hickory Horned Devil.

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