Can you help ID this bug please?
Hi! Love your site with all of the information and pictures! Hope you can help us! We found this large caterpillar in our mid-Michigan driveway on July 27, 2006. It was 3-4 inches long with pinkish body and a green head. It had short, fairly sparse hairs on its upper body. The closest guess I could make was a Luna Moth because of the size and the green head, but all of the pictures I’ve seen of Luna Moth caterpillars show them being a definite green color. We’d like to know more about this caterpillar – what it turns into, what it eats, etc. My daughter would love to raise something like this in her bug house, but I didn’t want her to keep this one as we didn’t know much about it. Thanks so much for any help.

Hi Dottie,
We are nearly certain, based on an image found on BugGuide, that this is a Luna Moth Caterpillar. Its size, pink coloration (they are normally green) and presence away from the food plant, all suggest it is ready to pupate. It will spin a silken cocoon incorporating a leaf and then remain until the beautiful green moth emerges.

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