Would love ID on this bee
Hi there,
My son and I noticed a bee we’ve not seen before visiting our flowers this summer. I know you are swamped, but I couldn’t find one like it on your bee page. It is over 1.5″ long. We saw a smaller variant also, about 1″, but I couldn’t nab a picture of it. Your site is our favorite on the Web. I’m glad and sad you are so popular.
Scott Williams and Kyle Mink

Hi Scott and Kyle,
Thanks for the compliment. We wish you had provided us with global coordinates. We are checking to see if Eric Eaton recognizes this bee which has us baffled. Eric quickly wrote back: “The bee is a male ‘giant resin bee,’ Megachile sculpturalis, an introduced species from Asia, sometime in the 1990s. It would help to know where this shot was taken, so as to help track the progress of this species. Females nest in the abandoned tunnels bored by carpenter bees. Eric”

D’Oh! Sorry! We are in Ann Arbor Michigan. My son is convinced it is a hybridized African bee — finally making it up this far north. He normally is on target ID’ing insects (ever since the age of 3, and he’s 11 now). Thanks!
Scott and Kyle

Location: Michigan

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