Argiope aurantia
what a great site you have, though it’s late here, and I think I may have dreams of creepy crawlies all night long. I found this pider which I believe is an Argiope aurantia in my front garden this evening while weeding. I was digging into the middle of the Daylilies when a movement caught my eye….very close movement. This beauty was hanging about 2" from my nose as I turned toward the movement. Just reminds us that no matter how much we think we control our flower patches, nature is just waiting to jump out and give us the heebie jeebies…. thanks
Mike Kunnick
Minneapolis. Minnesotbra

Hi Mike,
With August rapidly approaching, it is time to choose a new Bug of the Month. We have been considering the Golden Orb Weaver, Argiope aurantia as a perfect candidate, and your photo arrived just in time to be prominently featured at the top of our homepage throughout the month of August. This gorgeous female is a textbook example of the species, and your photo also shows the stabilimentum, the zigzag pattern she weaves into her web to help camoflauge her.

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