Atteva sp?
Dear Bugman,
I suspect this is an Atteva sp. (refer attached pics). Please confirm.?Could you give the species name and also the general duration for its life cycle. It was found infesting Eurycoma longifolia.? hope to hear from you soon. kind regards??

Hi Norman,
You have done your research nicely. We located a few matches for Atteva and Eurycoma online, but sadly, the URLs were no longer active. The specis is Atteva sciodoxa, but we couldn’t locate a photo. One site listed the moth in Thailand. We also located some very similar looking moths in the genus from Australia. Alas, you provided us with no location information.

sorry bugman, i realised that after i sent the email. The location was in Malaysia. thanks, i also suspected it to be Atteva sciodoxa after googling it, but as you said, the sites were no longer active and I couldnt find the pics to compare. cheers

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