Cicada Killer Sting
The cicada killer in my area are non aggressive toward me and we tolerate their presence on our patio area. I have never felt intimidated by their presence and I do wonder if anyone has reported as actually being stung by a cicada killer. I have been stung by honey bees, bumblebees, paper wasps, yellow jackets, and sweat bees. Cicada killers are the least of my worries.

Hi Larry,
Thanks for your testamony.

Stingless Cicada Killers
(07/29/2006) cicada wasps Just a comment-when my son was two years old and toddling around our patio, I witnessed him stepping on the hugest wasp I had ever seen. I later did some research and found the name of this huge “beast”: it was the cicada KILLER wasp. The ironic thing was it proved harmless to my son. Could easily have stung his tender little foot but did not. We have seen the same wasps in our yard for the last 15 years and have never felt threatened by them. They do their thing, we do ours, and we live side by side peacefully. I sill always have a soft spot for this species since the day that one wasp “chose” to not hurt my baby. Kelly

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