Black Purseweb Spider, Atlanta area
I live in East Henry Co. Georgia. We are about 30 min. South of Atlanta. 2 years ago (2004), I saw 2 of these spiders in near proximity to one another (few yards). Upon my witness, they accidentally came into each other’s view. Both spiders "displayed" by raising their front legs and then VERY AGGRESSIVELY pounced at the same time. The battle was over in 1-2 seconds and one was dead immediately and the other died in about 30 seconds later. I kept searching the area for more, because I wanted to study a live one close-up. The rest of that year I didn’t see any more. The next year (last year) I didn’t see any either. This year, I stumbled across another! Yeah! I captured the critter, took about 20 digi photos, and let it go. Before these encounters, I never knew we had such things a Pursewebs in Georgia. These spiders are of the ancient variety. The ancient spider’s fangs protrude straight down (with a rearward curvature) opposed to fangs that curve inward toward each other. Awesome photo attached… I like this shot because the glass jar provided even lighting to show detail. (This is a pint jar. Nice sized spider!) Notice the silver markings around the joints. Unseen in this photo are the 4 small brown circles or "patches" on the underside of the abdomen. …If provoked, this spider also showed lunging aggression. Play very cautiously around these spiders.
Randy Uecker

Hi Randy,
We have devoted an entire page to the Red Legged Purseweb Spider. Also, thank you for the wonderful narrative. Eric Eaton provided us with the following identification correction: “I’m ba-a-a-ck:-) The “black purseweb spider” is actually a male trapdoor spider in the genus Ummidia. It is a great image that clearly shows the saddle-like depression on the third leg, just below the “knee” joint that distinguishes the genus from all others. It has apparently been a good year for these guys, as we have had several images on Bugguide as well.”

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