I live in the Central Northern part of Ontario near the shore of Georgian Bay in a small town called Waubaushene. I found these two beetles mating on my Sage plant this morning and cannot identify them. I have never seen anything like these before. I have included one picture of a ruler beside them to show you the size, but the quality is not as good—it’s just too darn hard to hold a ruler in one hand while pulling back the leaves with the same hand and hold a camera in the other hand steady enough to take a good picture. I was wondering/hoping you would know what they are. Thanks
Gloria Simpson

Hi Gloria,
Except for the coloration, these beetles look like Grapevine Beetles, Pelidnota punctata. Grapevine Beetles are yellow in color. We did some research, and the Audubon Guide lists the coloration as “dull reddish brown to brownish yellow above with 2 black dots on the sides of pronotum and 3 black dots on side of each elytron. Top of head, scutellum, and underside blackish, tinged with green. We are believe these are just a red variation of the Grapevine Beetle. When Eric Eaton returns, we will get his opinion. Watch the website for an update.

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