Chilocorus stigma – Twice-stabbed Lady Beetle
Hello favorite bug people!
I took these pics in Kane County, Illinois today. What a freaky looking little ladybug. I’ve never seen anything like this one. I found something similar on your ladybug page (see entry dated 10/19/2005) but it doesn’t quite match up. The one I found did not appear to have any white patches on it’s face. I also grabbed a shot of it’s belly in case this helps with id’ing. It was about the same size as a typical lady bug, maybe slightly smaller, but not much. After picking up clues from your site, I delved into the enormous and found what appeared to me to be an exact match, The Twice-stabbed Lady Beetle. What an appropriate name based on her appearance! As usual, your site, expertise, and hard work are greatly appreciated.
Michelle Nash
Lily Lake, IL

Hi Michelle,
We wish we could hire you to help research our site. Thanks for the photo of the Twice-Stabbed Ladybird Beetle.

Update: (03/10/2007)
Looking at ladybirds on-line, I noticed that the ladybird which was ID’ed as the Twice-Stabbed ladybird, Chilocorus stigma, on 07/12/2006, is in fact something different. This is an introduced Korean ladybird beetle that was used as a biological control agent in several parts of the USA, and seems to have spread widely. It’s Chilocorus kuwanae, and this page shows the differences between the two species, as well as giving a lot more useful information.

Update:  January 22, 2014
While researching a new posting, we thought we would address Susan’s corrections.  While Susan seems to have correctly identified the species as
Chilocorus kuwanae, according to BugGuide, the name Twice Stabbed Lady Beetle is used for the entire genus Chilocorus, and also according to BugGuide,  this particular species may be called Kuwana’s Lady Beetle.

Location: Kane County, Illinois

7 Responses to Twice-Stabbed Ladybird Beetle is Kuwana’s Lady Beetle

  1. Sophie says:

    I have found one of these, it has suddenly appeared in my house in Britain, in Northampton, I am truly concerned why it’s here seen at it seems to be native to America, I am duly worried seen as no site I’ve been on can tell if it’s poisonous or not, please reply

  2. Leospadoni says:

    The ladybird bug has ,been postively spotted first hand. In new orleans la,on to of the Nola Va. Hospital!

  3. Luann Powell says:

    I have one, contained in a tub.
    I’ve checked all websites known to man.
    Not a good insect..

  4. Cathy says:

    I had 1 in my studio apartment. I had never ever seen 1 in my life. It lived in my apartment for 4 days. I grew up believing that lady bugs were good luck as most do?! It was so unusual to me that this 1 just appeared, out of no where?! I’ve been doing some research and not sure what the myth is?! I live in Houston, Tx. All I know, is this is rare indeed!

  5. Peter johnson says:

    I have just found a black ladybird with two red spots on it,is this unusual to see one in the uk and ho long do they live for?

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