bugs on perennial hibiscus
I’m hoping you can help me identify this ‘critter’. Found these on my perennial hibiscus today. Last year about the time they were ready to blossom they were overrun with a lime green version of this bug. They literally swarmed over the blossoms. I’ve been treating the plants with a systemic fertilizer/insecticide that is supposed to control aphids & other assorted insects. If I don’t figure out a way to rid the plants of these pests I doubt if the plants will stay in my landscape for another season. I live in Minnesota and we’re having a hot, humid and very dry summer so far. Thanks for any help you can give me!

Hi Jeanne,
Even though it is a beauty, the Candystriped Leafhopper, or Red Striped Leafhopper, Graphocephala coccinea, is, as you well know, a plant sucking pest. They are also believed to spread viruses to plants.

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