Photo of Brown Recluse
Attached you will find 2 pictures that my boyfriend, Jeff, took at his parent’s home that is located just west of Ft. Worth in Texas. The first picture is one of the best I have seen of a brown recluse spider! He found it behind the trashcan in his parent’s guest bathroom – there were a few other spiders with it that were much smaller and they successfully scattered before Jeff could return with a jar to capture them with. The second photo is a picture of his pinky toe that he slammed into the bathroom door jam in his excitement to find a ‘suitable’ container for his prize…. Poor thing is walking hilariously, all for his precious spider. Jeff is fascinated with all types of insects, ESPECIALLY spiders! He has re-trained me from killing all spiders, to first observing and identifying before I decide to catch and release all into the yard. We both have become intrigued with bugs and have become recent fans of your website. Thank you for all of the information and pictures you provide, I hope you can make use of the brown recluse photo – I think it is quite good!

Hi Darcy,
Thank you for sending in the wonderful image of a Brown Recluse or Violin Spider, Loxosceles reclusa. The violin pattern is very obvious in the photo. We hope Jeff’s toe is healing.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

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