Cicada Killer Wasp
I live in Carrollton Texas , a suburb of Dallas . In June every year I see Cicada Nymph shells everywhere in my yard and attached to my house and the adults singing to find mates are thoroughly annoying and even though Cicada’s are not dangerous no one wants them flying near them making that noise . This Cicada wasp had a borough right next to my house in the edge of the grass and the driveway , too close for compfort . I saw her dragging a Cicada into her burrow and it was pretty creepy looking . These wasps fly way to close to people and with their four wings can hover like a dragonfly . They are scary and I wish the Cicada’s and the Wasps would find another place to live . Periodical Cinada’s are only supposed to come every 13 years but of course we have to have the annual variety so the wasps are here to stay . If they are hunting Cicada’s , why are they flying into my garage and way too close to me ?
Chris from Carrollton

Happy Independence Day Chris,
Sadly, we don’t know why the Cicada Killers are flying into your garage. We feel compelled to preach a bit of tolerance here in light of the unnecessary carnage depicted in your photo. Try to remember both the Cicadas and the Cicada Killer Wasps were in Texas long before either you or your ancestors. Independance is not about global domination, but about peaceful cohabitation.

Oh , and I forgot to tell you I stepped on a Fire Ant Too ! No really I had no idea what the wasp was until I spent a while investigating and ended up on your site . I also have to tell you that all my life wasps and bees have been attracted to me like a magnet and if 10 people were standing in a row the Bumble Bee would fly right at me and leave all the others alone . I once was tormented by four Dragonflies mowing the yard so bad I had to go inside and wait for 20 minutes and they were still waiting for me . Now I’m older and these sort of things don’t happen as often and I try to investigate the bugs and catapillars eating my garden but I’m still leary about anything with a stinger like the Scorpion I found walking across the living room floor under the blanket my dog was napping on . I now understand benificial bugs and what the world would be missing without them but I thought the wasp was a huge Hornet with too much bold curiosity . Now I know what they are and I promise to attempt to tolerate them especially since they kill those noisy irritating Cicadas . And please write back just one more time because you are so well spoken and your witt is so very entertaining.

Hi again Chris,
We should probably clarify that there are limits to our tolerance. We draw the line at invasive species. The Fire Ant is an introduced species, believed to have been “imported” from South America to Mobile Alabama in the 1930s via a cargo ship. Here in Los Angeles, we have our own imported ant, the Argentine Sugar Ant. We will wage war on Argentine Sugar Ants and the only time we ever use pesticides is when armies of Sugar Ants invade the kitchen or bathroom. Once they tried to carry off the turkey after Thanksgiving.
Regarding your being a magnet for stinging insects, and this is not a joke, perhaps it is your brand of antiperspirant or cologne. Stinging insects are often nectar and pollen feeders and might be attracted to certain ingredients in toiletries.
Finally, there may come a time when you are forced to welcome the Cicadas. In the event of a global famine, if humans are to survive, we might be forced to eat unconventional foods. Check out our Edible Insects page to see some possibilities, including Cicadas.

Update (08/23/2006) Grammatical Clarification Required
Chris from Carollton
I would love to know how Chris from Carrollton convinced four dragonflies to mow his lawn! And may I use them when he is finished with them? – “I once was tormented by four Dragonflies mowing the yard…”

Update (07/17/2006)
I saw your response concerning Cicada Killer wasps:
You people make me sick. So, I am supposed to keep my kids inside all summer or risk them getting stung by the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of these flying around my yard. I think I would rather KILL THEM ALL then sacrifice my 2 yr old to multiple stings. Idiot. We, Humans, are the dominant Species, NOT the wasps.

We are so stunned at this vehemence that we have chosen not to respond directly.

Response to glimmertwin 70 (08/07/2006)
I’m sorry you guys have to deal with people like this, And it shows your character for putting it on your site. I just found your site today, And I feel it is one of the best sites on the web today!! Thanks for the good info

Update (08/23/2006) Another response to the verbal abuse we received!!
Response to glimmertwin70 07-07/2006
Hi, Just read your posting from glimmertwin70. Some people really ought to give their head a shake. Talk about going over the deep end! Where does this person get off about humans being the dominant species. Actually it’s people like this person who is being over dramatic. We might be the dominate species, but I would rather be in the company of nature and the animal species for sure! Lorraine from Toronto, Ontario. Canada.
Cheers, Lorraine

Diabetes Diagnosis?????
(08/07/2006) The bee-attractor.
I was reading regarding the person who finds bugs (specifically bees and wasps) are disproportionately attracted to him, and a thought occured to me. For thousands of years, one of the tests physicians used to test for diabetes was to see whether the subject’s urine attracted ants, thus testing for the precense of sugar in the urine. A diabetic with high blood sugar will also have a very sweet breath. Is it possible the person who wrote you is diabetic, and that the scent of sugar in his blood and on his breath is what’s fooling the bugs into thinking he’s a giant flower?

Very interesting, We are intrigued by the folk medicine potential of Cicada Killers.

Additional Insect Support
(08/29/2006) unnecessary carnage
Dear Bugman,
Hopefully the vehement bug-hater’s attitude arises from insecurity, which can be overcome by the information and awareness you provide. I suggest that bug-hater put nontoxic citrus-based repellent on his/her 2-year-old, and keep the child under closer supervision. As a mother, I can say that my sons have benefited far more from learning about bugs than by being “protected” from them. Bugs used to scare me, too, but killing them seemed wrong so I’d just avoid them. That was when I lived in Virginia, where it was much easier to avoid bugs than it is where I live now – Florida, which is made up entirely of bugs! Years in Florida and efforts to be more rational have desensitized me of my fears. I’m not telling bug-hater that I’d choose to snuggle with bugs, but respecting them does make me feel better.

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