Tachnid Fly

drone fly? Hi there, Is this a drone fly? This specimen was resting on a garden bench in early spring at my home on southern vancouver island, BC. Thanks to your site, I also would like to report a successful id of a Bedstraw Hawkmoth (Celerio galii) (see sphinx moths 2 – (05/14/2006)) that I … Read more

Virescent Green Metallic Bee

>Green metallic sweat bee? On or about 6/20/06 while digging in my backyard, Sammamish, Washington (just east of Seattle) I saw this new to me bee. You great website leads me to believe it is a green metallic sweat bee. I did not see any postings from the pacific NW. Larry Hart, Sammamish, WA Hi … Read more

Palo Verde Borer

first Palo Verde Beetles of summer Hi there — Thought you might like these photos of a Palo Verde Borer Beetle, making his way along our driveway in Tucson. Cheryl Kohler Tucson AZ Hi Cheryl, Thank you for taking the excellent photo, with the bic lighter for scale, of the Palo Verde Root Borer, Derobrachus … Read more

Tortoise Beetle, AKA Goldbug

tiny gold beetle A patron brought this small beetle (approx. 2-3 mm) in for some ID help and I can’t find anything in any of our books that fit. It flew into their car in a parking lot that’s near a small oak-hickory woodlot. The elytra are clear around the margins. I really just want … Read more

Cottonwood Borer

Please identify! Hello, Bugman ~ please tell me what the heck this is!!! Thanks! Backyard Bunny Hi Bunny, This is a Cottonwood Borer, one of our most striking native Cerambycids.

Tiger Moth, genus Haploa

Beautiful Clymene moth? Hello fellow insect lovers, I just wanted to start by saying that your site has really educated my family on the types of insects we have outside our home. I understand your "swamped", but now I have a need to know exactly what im looking at, because of you guys. So…what kind … Read more