Raspberry Pyrausta Moth!

I finally ID’d that pink and white micro moth! Please reference previous subject line: " Hello Cutey! Pink & White moth June 26, 2006 " Hi again, After just sending a moth photo to you earlier today, I came across this little cutey flitting around my kitchen. Her length is 6/16ths inches from snout to … Read more

Luna Moth

Luna Moth Hi, just found this Luna Moth on our building in Lansing Michigan. We didn’t know what it was so looked it up and found this site. Thanks Linda Norris MDOT Photo Lab Building Lansing, Michigan Hi Linda, While they are in season, we always keep a Luna Moth on our homepage.

Tiger Moth: Grammia species

what’s this moth? Hi, You very kindly identified a moth for me yesterday, and I already have another one! This one looks similar to the vine moth shown in pictures on your site, but the vine moth was described as having a southern distribution, whereas I took this photo in Chetwynd, British Columbia (in June). … Read more