From the monthly archives: "June 2006"

Look at this!
I saw this bug flying outside my place of business and I had never seen anything like it before. It is quite large for a flying bug in my area. After some online research, I discovered that it could be an Alder-Boring Longhorn Beetle. The related info stated that it is native to the Northern Cascades. I captured it in Los Angeles! If it is an Alder-Boring Longhorn Beetle, what is it doing way down here?
Thanks Bugman!

Hi Mike,
This is indeed a Banded Alder Borer, Rosalia funebris. Here is what Charles Hogue writes in his wonderful book Insects of the Los Angeles Basin: “Although the species is also popularly known as the California Laurel Borer, it does not use Caulifornia Laurel (Umbellaria species) as a primary host. It is normally noticed resting on the dead trunks of its host trees, which are alder, ash and other hardwoods. In the basin it sometimes infests Coast Live Oak and eucalyptus.”

We found this "thing" on the window of our office this morning and there is some discussion as to whether it is a moth or butterfly. Its body is approximately 2 inches long and its wing span is approximately 4-5 inches wide. The picture makes it look darker then it is. It actually is a medium shade of gray with orange and white accents.
Melissa Victor
Seaman, Ohio

Hi Melissa,
What a wonderful image of a Cecropia Moth, one of the Giant Silk Moths or Saturnid Moths.

caterpiller ID
The attached caterpiller was found in the Mojave desert in April 2003. I think it was about 3″ long. Can you identify it?
Elise Ciraolo

Hi Elise,
This looks like a White Lined Sphinx Caterpillar, Hyles lineata. The caterpillar is highly variable in color and yours is the black morph.

what is this insect?
Dear Bugman,
My husband found these strange-looking fellows on one of our trees in the backyard and were perplexed as to what it is. We thought it might be some kind of beetle. We live in North-Western Virginia near the mountains.
Thank you!

Hi Angela,
What an awesome image of newly hatched Wheel Bugs. These are a species of predatory Assassin Bug.

okay smarty pants.. name this insect!
Here’s another insect I found with no information…
any idea? BTW – i didn’t kill these bugs, I’m jsut doing a project on them.. and need some information about them… even just the name of it’ll will help.

Hi -m-,
We were intrigued by your cocky challenge. This is one of the Fulgorid Planthoppers sometimes known as Lanternflies. We suspect this is an exotic species from the tropics. Now, Smarty Pants, where is it from? We are also going to turn to Eric Eaton to substantiate our identification.

British Flower beetle (very pretty)
Hi again, another picture that i took today whilst out and about. Found this beetle on a Clematis plant which i believe is “Oedemera Nobilis”, this is a Male, as the female lacks the swollen hind legs. Its one of the prettiest beetles i have found in the UK in Hertfordshire.

Hi Ben,
Please forgive our lengthy delay, but we have had technical difficulties. We received another photo of the Thick Legged Flower Beetle after yours. It is a lovely beetle.