Lucanus Capreolus sends his thanks! Also: Firefly – Photinus
Hi Bugman —
The “Lucanus capreolus, Reddish-brown Stag Beetle” in the attached photo would like to thank you for saving its life! Normally, I’m a “Smash First, Ask Questions Later” kind of person when it comes to bugs, and had it not been for a recent visit to your website, where I happened upon a picture of the Elephant Stag Beetle, “Smash First” would definitely have been my reaction upon catching sight of this monstrous *beast* hanging out near the garage door on Sunday. (It was five inches long! I swear! Well… in my head, anyway. In reality, it was probably about 1.5 inches long.) Anyway, having learned from WTB that these are fairly harmless to people, I let him be. Last I saw, he was headed back to sit amongst the geraniums. (Where, unbeknownst to me until I checked the photos later that evening, he had been hiding out while I was taking some other flower pictures. (Mental note to self: Always wear your Mud Gloves when poking around in the flowers.)) Also attached are some pictures of a Firefly (Lampyridae), Genus Photinus, crawling around on the aforementioned geraniums. I couldn’t find any of this particular genus on your website already, and thought you might like some. Thanks again for WTB!
Sun Prairie, WI

Stag Beetle Firefly

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for your nice letter and we are thrilled our humble site helped to save your local Stag Beetle.

Location: Wisconsin

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