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my very special spotted bug
I love your website and was just showing it to a friend (you know, slow Friday afternoon at work) who said,"Your unknown bug photo is better than any of these! Or at least as interesting as!" So here I am. I live in central Texas. This is the second consecutive year I’ve encountered this insect, but have only ever seen these two, once each.
Update: *Wow!* Just after I wrote that Friday afternoon, when I got home from work later, the very first thing I encountered in my path from car to door was yet a third. Each one of them has very interesting and unique variations on the zipper and the spots. Do you know what he is? I understand you are swamped but hope that you’ll get to me one day, even if it’s months from now. Thank you!
Dripping Springs, TX

Hi Kaila,
Something in the cosmos must have alligned causing you to encounter another Ironclad Beetle the day you wanted an identification. We loved your subject line, which is what caught our attention among the myriad letters that arrived. The Ironclad Beetle, Zopherus haldemani, got its common name from the nearly impenetrable exoskeleton.

Dear Bug Man (person?),
Oh my, WOW, I can’t believe my special spotted bug made it onto your site! I feel incredibly honored, especially to have such a speedy answer when you are so swamped. Now I have to go email the link to my husband, and my mom, and my friend who introduced me to your site (when she saw my photos of the polyphemous moth that flew in my bedroom one night), and the one who suggested that I email this bug to you. I hope to have more fabulous and intriguing bugs for you to identify one day. I’ve lived in Texas 35 years but have never seen so many fascinating bugs as I have in the two years since I moved to Dripping Springs. Thank you so much from your devoted fan!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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