weird bug
So, I open up the door to my dad’s SUV, looking for one of his Mott the Hoople cassettes, but as I step out of the truck, I feel this distinctive smack on my back (rhymes!). I look down and I see a big, black fly-beetle-wasp thing, buzzing around on its back. I didn’t think much of it. But about a month later (today) I see the same kind of bug, but this time it’s a tad smaller, and d-e-a-d. I snap a couple of pictures, and impale a pin through it and stick it to my cork-board. My mom and I have been looking all over your site looking for this strange bug. Since we cannot find this bug in any sort of reference we have, I have decided to email you about this situation hoping that I can identify this bug. Characteristics (dead bug found):
* Black
* 1 inch long, 1/5 inch wide, and 1 and 1/5 long counting wings folded back
* Hard exoskeleton
* Seemingly large stinger (if that is a stinger)
* Ugly
Hopefully the picture attachments work.

Hi Jacob,
This is some species of Cicada. They are the loudest insects, often heard buzzing it trees. Eric Eaton just provided this more thorough identification: “I am pretty sure the cicada specimen submitted by Jacob is a species of Okanagana. If so, he lives in a northern or western state, as that is the major distribution for that genus. Eric”

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