Mr. Bee
Hey Bugman,
There’s bees all over my vitex tree. A lot of them are this guy that I don’t recognize. I looked at your bees but still not sure. Leafcutter bee? My husband thinks it might be a hornet or mimic of some kind. Always appreciate your kind help for the ” insect challenged” here in West Tennessee.
Beth and Rick

Hi Beth and Rick,
We don’t recognize your solitary bee, but we hope Eric Eaton, who at long last has returned from Appalacia, might know the answer. Here is Eric’s speedy reply: “The bee is a Giant Resin Bee,” Megachile sculpturalis, so the submitter was right on with her identification. This species was introduced to North America from Asia in the 1990s, and has quickly spread over most of the eastern U.S. The females nest in the abandoned tunnels carved by our native carpenter bees. Eric”

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Location: Tennessee

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  1. Ross Loos says:

    Bee stings differ from insect bites, and the venom or toxin of stinging insects is quite different. Therefore, the body’s reaction to a bee sting may differ significantly from one species to another…;’.

    Good day

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