I found this thing on my front porch where my giant stick bugs usually rest; I am not sure what it is. Can you help?

Hi Wayne,
We just receive a second letter from Texas that inquired about this insect, but your photo is better. The other person also mentioned large Walkingsticks, so we are guessing you are also from Texas. This impressive creature is a Greater Arid-Land Predaceous Katydid, Neobarrettia spinosa, one of the Shieldbacked Katydids.. It is a female, identified by the spikelike ovipositor. Perhaps she is where the Walkingsticks normally sit because she is eating them. We are printing Dawn’s letter below because it is so descriptive.

(06/15/2006) Large Katydid?
I’m in central Texas and we’ve been invaded by what I believe are large Katydid’s, although I couldn’t find any exactly like these on your site (or any other). Attached are two pictures of the same bug. It measures about 4 inches in length and has very red eyes. It’s the size and the red eyes that don’t seem to match any other picture I’ve been able to find. Can you confirm what it is? We also have very large (7 inches) walking sticks this time of year, which I’d be glad to send pictures of if you’re interested. Thanks so much.
Dawn Jones
Dale, Texas

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