Greetings and heartfelt praise for your wonderful site. My girlfriend and I found this lovely bug in our hotel room in Malibu, CA and took some pics before we put it outside. Beautiful antennae! Any ideas? I’m stumped. Thanks,
Ricardo de Laveaga

Hi Ricardo,
We wish your photo had more details, but we are very excited about it nonetheless. We would also love to know how large this specimen was. We believe it is a Western Banded Glowworm, Zarhipis integripennis. When Eric Eaton returns, we will be requesting his assistance. We did locate an image on BugGuide that appears to match.

That’s most definitely the one! Well done, I’m amazed. Here’s 2 stills for size reference from some video I shot. I’d say a little over an inch, minus antennae. Thanks SO Much!

Thanks for the new photos Ricardo.

Correction (06/23/2006)
Courtesy of Eric Eaton: “That beetle with the comb-like antennae from Malibu is actually a male firefly, Pterotus obscuripennis. Indeed, they are very similar to the glowworms. Female Pterotus are larviform, too! Very easy mistake to make without prior experience. A neat find.”

Location: California

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