Eastern Comma?
Hi Bugpersons:
Hope you had a nice vacation. We missed you. Here are some photos of what I think is an Eastern Comma. I had to (horrors!) search beyond your website to locate a possible "match". Thankfully, that doesn’t happen often.
Jill – suburbs of Chicago

Hi Jill,
We had a wonderful, though very short, holiday. We got to see an Eastern Comma visit mom’s garden on most sunny days. It would fly erratically and then land on a flat sunny rock. Your photo is indeed an Eastern Comma. We can’t imagine that searching other websites is as horrific as you claim. Thankfully, in the future, people will be able to identify this Anglewing Butterfly thanks to your image on our site.

Correction: (07/09/2007) ancient correction…
Hi again Daniel and Lisa,
When you get some slack time, please look back to a post from 6/12/06, in Caterpillars 2 on your site. It’s an anglewing ID’ed as an Eastern Comma. I believe it’s a Question Mark, based on the bar or “eyebrow” over the outermost of the three dots on the forewing. There are some good photos on this site: http://www.wisconsinbutterflies.org/butterflies/species/177 Thanks again for What’s That Bug site… regards,
Dave Fallow
Madison, WI

Thanks Dave,
Though you directed us to Caterpillars 2, we quickly determined you must have meant Butterflies 2.

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