Snakefly, lacewing or…?
Hi, Bugman,
Your site is really helping me get over my bug-fears. Also, thanks for responding to our question about what turned out to be a Vine Sphinx moth about a month ago! This morning, at my home outside of Austin TX, I found this guy hanging out on a bit of chicken wire fencing. Two things struck me as unusual enough to take a photo: the length of the antennae and the way the back end was held up almost perpendicular to the head sections. Since the fencing has appx 1" holes you can see that the body and antennae are almost the same length, about just under one inch each. The body color was shades of brown and gray and the wings were clear.
No rush on the reply, we know how life tends to interfere with the things we’d rather be doing!! Thanks in advance for your help!
Karen & TJ Lamphier

Hi Karen and TJ,
Though this isn’t a snakefly or a lacewing, you did have the correct order: Neuroptera, the Nerve Winged Insects. Owlflies are in the family Ascalaphidae, and your species is most likely in the genus Ululodes.

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