Could you identify me?
I found this on the floor of my parent’s house in north-central Wisconsin. My father works trimming trees all day so it’s very possible that it came in attached to his clothing. Otherwise, I’d like to know what it is incase there may be a million more of them hidden somewhere in the house. This picture really doesn’t do the coloration justice. The overall color of the bug was much lighter than the overwhelming black shown here. It was more of a metallic, shiny gold with very intricate black flowing lines on it’s back. Even the bottom side of the bug was a shiny gold (not yellow gold, more like a metallic gold). When I first picked it up I thought it was a cheap piece of jewelry or a toy. When it started moving it’s legs, I realized that it obviously was not! It was about an inch-and-a-half to two inches long, and pretty slender. I looked on the internet, and especially your site (great site by the way) and could not find a picture of this bug. I have a few more pictures that I could forward if it would help in the ID.

Hi Jason,
This is a Metallic Wood Boring Beetle in the genus Chalcophora. We believe this is the Sculptured Pine Borer, Chalcophora virginiensis though it might be the Western Sculptured Pine Borer, Chalcophora angulicollis. Your location is right at the junction of the two species ranges. It could also be a different species. Despite being wood borers, they will not infest your home and most likely came in on your father’s clothing. Perhaps when Eric Eaton returns, he can give us an exact species.

Update (06/21/2006) From Eric Eaton:
“Last I heard, Chalcophora angusticollis was lumped with C. virginiensis. I may have the spellings wrong, forgive me if I do, but you get the picture. They might still be considered as separate by some authorities.”

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